About BookMyCar

New Zealand’s Marketplace for Car Repair

We aim to bring convenience and trust to car repair and servicing.

BookMyCar is a tech company based in Auckland that operates in the automotive industry. We’re not a mechanic shop, but more of a matching service for car owners and mechanics Auckland-wide. We’re proudly 100% Kiwi in terms of platform design, business ownership and operation. We work exclusively with NZ owned workshops and mobile mechanics. A lot of the big players in the repair industry here send their profits overseas and we think Kiwi’s can do car repair a better way. Our team brings together decades of experience in software development, the automotive business and digital media.

BookMyCar was designed to bring together car owners and mechanics. We believe in the power of the shared economy to take the stress out of car ownership. We believe in the power of technology to automate business processes for mechanics.

BookMyCar is the easiest solution to age-old problems that car owners face. A lot of car owners find it difficult to find a trustworthy and responsive mechanic. They find it hard to get quotes and evaluate them. Convenience is also an issue, with many car owners being too busy to take the car to the workshop.

We’ve worked really hard to develop a unique quoting and booking platform for Kiwi drivers – we match car drivers needing repairs with professional local mechanics who’ve proven they’re trustworthy and competent. Currently, the platform is the most sophisticated available to New Zealand car drivers. Still, there’s a lot of work to do yet and we have exciting new features and products in the works.

Our instant quoting functionality, fast booking and secure payment make us the most convenient and straightforward way for car owners to find and book a trusted car mechanic.

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