BookMyCar is an online car servicing and repair platform based in Auckland. New Zealand has some of the best mechanics in the world but it’s really hard to find them, book them or get clear quotes. Finding the time to drop your car off can also be difficult for some. We solve it all.

BookMyCar is on a mission to make car servicing and repair really easy, up-front and trusted.

We’ve visited thousands of workshops while working for brands like BMW, VW Group and Yamaha over the years. We’ve built all of this knowledge into BookMyCar. Working exclusively with NZ owned workshops and mobile mechanics, we carry out a thorough vetting process to ensure every customer receives the same high level of service. You no longer have to search endlessly to find a mechanic you can trust.

After nearly a year in development, BookMyCar launched in September 2019 as the very first of its kind in New Zealand. Thousands of data points went into developing our fixed price quoting system. When you use BookMyCar, you’re getting a real time fixed price quote specific to your cars’ make, model, year and engine type. We even take your location into account.

Ross, Hazel and Gareth are at the centre of our team - all being based in Auckland. Our coverage area and partner network has expanded to encompass North, West, East and South Auckland – well beyond our Central Auckland launch area. We plan to grow nationally, so if we’re not in your area yet you might see us soon.

For media enquiries please contact Ross on 09-281-0051 or

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