Need to get your brake pads replaced urgently? Our online booking engine will give you an instant fixed price quote to get your brakes pads sorted. We only use high quality parts including brake pads that are specifically designed for your car. Also, we’ll come to you at a time that suits you.

What’s involved in a BookMyCar brake pad change?

You’ve found your way here so chances are that your brakes have started making a screeching sound or perhaps you’ve had a ‘Brake Service’ indicator pop-up while driving the car. Brake pads are one of the most important parts of your car as they’re the friction material that stops your car and keeps you and your loved ones safe.

It’s really important that brake pads are changed when they’re running low - we’re here to help. Whatever your model is, our customer rated mechanics have high quality brake pads at the great price and are ready to come to you and sort out your brake pads.

The brake pads that we provide are specifically designed for your cars braking system and will meet or exceed your car brands requirements for durability and stopping power. The repair industry calls this quality level ‘Original Equipment standard’. That’s because the car manufacturers make large profits on buying parts that they outsource and putting them in nicely branded boxes.

Do I need to go to a brand specialist?

We will match you with a customer rated mechanic who is familiar with your type of car. Many of our mechanics were actually trained by car manufacturers or worked at brand dealerships before joining with BookMyCar.

For European car owners the same holds true. As part of the vetting and registration process for mechanics, we evaluate their experience with German and other European brands. We only match you with mechanics who are capable and familiar with the requirements of your type of car.

Once the work is complete, you’ll pay and then receive a BookMyCar service sheet for your records and our standard 12 month, 10,000km parts and labour warranty.